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Peek @ Our Week

This is an important page as I will be sharing information about what your child will be learning for the week!


 Week of October 8-12


  • Phonics: short e (pet) and beginning blends (plant)
  • Retelling a story : beginning, middle, and end Question words


  • Coins: penny, nickel, and dime
  • Subtraction
  • Addition and subtraction number stories


  • Food chains

Social studies:

  • Fire prevention week: What is your plan in case of a fire?


  • staying healthy at school


  • Learning our routines and following directions RIGHT AWAY.


*Please note that if nothing is written in for Science, SS or Heatlh it means that we are not doing anything for that subject that week. There are many times throughout the year where we concentrate heavily in one area rather than all three.