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Roller Skating Info

 Roller Skating in Physical Education

We are so excited! Roller skating is a wonderful form of aerobic exercise, and it is also a fun, life-long fitness activity. Our District owns 129 pairs of roller skates, 50 helmets and 70 sets of pads (knee,wrist and elbow). The first through fifth grade students will get to participate in roller skating in their Physical Education classes. The equipment is shared by all three elementary schools and St. Wenceslaus. We would like to thank the New Prague Education Foundation and the elementary school administrators for supporting our Physical Education programs. Without their support, it would not be possible to have this life-long activity in our curriculum. 

Getting Ready to Skate

We roller skate with 1st through 5th grade students. We have helmets, knee pads, wrist guards, and roller skates. Students are encouraged to bring their own bike or skate helmets. Also, they need to wear long socks, preferable 2 pairsStudents will not be able to skate if they do not have long socks, due to the possibility of blisters. No personal skates will be allowed!

Need to bring:
   1. 2 pairs of long socks to keep at school for gym days
   2. Helmet, if you have one
Please feel free to call us with any questions at 111-1537.