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School Closings and Blended Learning (Snow day Art Challenge)

Blended Learning Art Challenge

Raven Stream artist may choose a topic from the art challenge list or work on an original art idea. Draw, build, sculpt, paint, stitch or collage an artwork for at least 25 minutes.


  • Design, draw, paint or build a new invention to solve a real world problem.
  • Have a parent draw 3 to 5 squiggles on a piece of paper and then turn the squiggles into an imaginative masterpiece. (Kindergarten-2)
  • Look into a mirror or at a photo of yourself or someone you admire and create a realistic drawing of that person.
  • Create an artwork showing your favorite animal living in a unique habitat like outer space.
  • Reinvent one or more of your toys to make them more enjoyable.  
  • Work with string or material to create a fiber artwork. Possible ideas would be finger knitting, cross stitching, knitting, or sewing.
  • Imagine you are a superhero then create an artwork of your sidekick.
  • Create an original comic.
  • Imagine your a fashion designer and design your spring line of clothing.
  • Draw or paint your dream house or car.