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Section 504

General Information Regarding New Prague Section 504 Services:

Welcome to New Prague Area Schools Section 504 web site.  This site is designed as a resource for staff, parents, and community members. 

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504) prohibits discrimination by entities receiving federal funds against individuals who have a disability.  Once such entity is New Prague Independent School District #721.

Included in the is the requirement that learners with disabilities be provided with a "free appropriate public education."  These regulations have four basic requirements:

  • Identification and location of all eligible learners
  • Evaluation
  • Procedural safeguards
  • Least restrictive environment (LRE)

Other requirements include providing written assurance of nondiscrimination, identifying a Section 504 coordinator and developing grievance and hearing procedures.  For many years, Section 504 focused on access to facilities and employment issues; however, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has become more active in enforcing the provisions of Section 504 and The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) regarding the instructional accommodations and services needed for the education of individuals with disabilities.  The consequences of noncompliance may include suspension or elimination of federal funds that the district receives for other programs and services. 

High School 504 Contacts:

Mr. Michael Bartusek
School Counselor
Students with last names A-Fe
Phone: 111-111-1213
Email: [email protected]

Ms. Tenille Nelson
School Counselor
Students with last names Fi - La
Phone: 111-111-1210
Email: [email protected]

Ms. Niki Johnson
School Counselor
Students with last names Le - Schae
Phone: 111-111-1221
Email: [email protected]

Ms. Angie Erickson
School Counselor
Students with last names Schal - Z
Phone: 111-111-1214
Email: [email protected]

Middle School 504 Contacts:

Kristin Hodnefield
School Counselor
Phone: 111-111-1451
Email: [email protected]

Julie Holgate
School Counselor
Phone: 111-111-1412
Email: [email protected]

Elementary 504 Contacts:

Julia Kranz
Social Worker
Phone: 111-111-6025
Email: [email protected]

Amy Hennen
Social Worker
Phone: 111-111-1613
Email: [email protected]

Kristin Dorick
Social Worker
Phone: 111-111-1525
Email: [email protected]

Section 504 Resources

Amy Johnson
Special Services Director
Phone: 111-111-1724
Email: [email protected]