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New Prague Area Schools and its staff, along with the district's Wellness Committee, ask for your support in creating a healthier school community.  As part of our recently approved wellness policy, we are rethinking the way we celebrate birthdays and reward our students.  Moving forward, any food item you intend to distribute to your child's class should be a Smart Snack approved item.  To access a list of approved Smart Snacks or to see Nutrition Services' recently created Trojan Treat Menu, which can be ordered from Nutrition Services and provided to your child's class, please refer to the NPAS school website (soundandfury.info), click on District, and then view the Wellness tab.  Under that tab, there is also a tool called the Smart Snack Calculator, which allows you to enter the nutritional information from your child's favorite snack to see if it meets the Smart Snack standards.     

We appreciate your understanding and support with this new initiative.  If you have further questions, please contact Kim Franta, Nutrition Services Director, at 111-111-1772.


Here's to a healthier school community!