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Blended Learning/Snow Day Plans

First Snow Day- Traditional snow day. No assignments given.

Second Snow Day Activities: 

Third Snow Day Activities: 

Fourth Snow Day Activities: 

Fifth Snow Day Activities: 

Sixth + Snow Day Activities:  

Friendly Letter Template: 

Math Fact Race Sheet: 

Fun Ways to Practice Spelling Words: 

Spelling Pretest Paper: 

Week 16 Spelling Words:

Paper STEM challenge: 


As part of the New Prague Area Schools Blended Learning Plan teachers have been asked to prepare lessons in case of a closure due to inclement weather. Attached is the 2nd grade blended learning plan. It is also posted on our classroom web page at http://soundandfury.info/snow-day-plans. The letter below (taken from the NP district web page) explains the blended learning day plan. Please note that the first school day cancelled will remain a “traditional” snow day and assignments will not be given. The attached blended learning assignments should be completed only if a second school day is cancelled. Please find a safe place at home to keep this blended learning plan or students may keep it in their folder in case it is needed. Let me know if you have any questions.


                                                                                                Mrs. Clark

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As winter approaches, we must think about inclement weather and the potential for school closings. We all have childhood memories of snow days, building forts, sledding, and drinking hot cocoa after shoveling. There is value in these experiences, but snow days can add up quickly and learning opportunities can be lost. For this reason, New Prague Area Schools will use Blended Learning in the event of school closings. Here are some important points about our Blended Learning Days:

  1. The first school daycancelled will remain a “traditional” snow day. Assignments will not be given.
  2. The secondand following school days cancelled will include “Blended Learning” where students complete lessons at home. Lessons may have a “blend” of online or traditional paper/pencil activities.
  3. Blended Learning provides continuous and meaningful learning opportunities. Students will not have to make up any snow days in the Spring.
  4. Teachers in grades K-5 will provide lessons in students' planners and on their class websites.
    Teachers in grades 6-12 will post lessons on their class Moodle pages by 10:00 a.m.
  5. Teachers can be reached via their school email between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
  6. A reasonable amount of time will be given for students to complete lessons or assignments.

Our mission at New Prague Area Schools is, “To engage and support everyone in high levels of learning.” Our vision is, “To be a premier school district that models excellence and embraces the challenges of the 21st Century.” If we hold true to these statements, we must create innovative solutions to promote student learning. We are excited for the opportunities Blended Learning Days will provide for our students.

New Prague Area Schools