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Special Services

Welcome to New Prague Area Schools Special Services website!  This website is a resource for parents and community members who are seeking out information regarding specialized education services.  New Prague Area Schools provides a variety of specialized instruction and supports for students with special learning needs.  We pride ourselves on having highly qualified staff who are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and hard-working.  We are committed to providing high quality instruction and staying current with research-based interventions.  Special services encompasses special education services, 504 services, as well as Health services.  


Amy%20Johnson.jpgAmy Johnson
Special Services Director
Phone: 111-111-1724
Email: [email protected]
 Julie%20DeGross.jpgJulie DeGross
Executive Assistant
Phone: 111-111-1768
Email: [email protected]
Angie%20Pahl.jpgAngie Pahl
Special Ed. Coordinator
Phone: 111-111-1723
Email: [email protected]
 Jake%20Frey.jpgJake Frey
Special Ed. Coordinator
Phone: 111-111-1348
Email: [email protected]
Darrin%20Sawchuk.jpgDarrin Sawchuk
Special Ed. Coordinator
Phone: 111-111-1742/1417
Email: [email protected]