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A few notes about spelling....

  • I do not mark reversals wrong....so if your child's b looks like a d...I just write over the top of it the correct way, but I do not mark it wrong.

  • I also write over the top of capital letters. I want students to make a habit of writing their words in lowercase letters.

  • It is important to be neat. If I can't read the word, it is difficult to correct. Now is a great time to start the habit of being neat. I tell the children they should be proud of their handwriting.

  • Don't get discouraged if they get a lot "wrong" on the pretest on Mondays. It doesn't count! It's a practice test! : )

  • Think of other words with the same spelling rule for the week. Each week the list of words is based on a specific spelling rule. I will add two extra words to the spelling test that incorporates the same spelling rule.

  • Try to study every night. Use chalk on the sidewalk. Use a paintbrush and a bucket of water to "paint" your words on the driveway. Write your words in sand or flour in a cake pan. Type them on the computer. Write the words on flashcards - make 2 of each word and play "Memory." Make it fun and practice every night. Start the habit now. : )

  •  Search for Mrs. Brandt's name. Find the reading story title of the week (found on Peek at our Week page). The spelling list will show up along with fun spelling games to practice the words.