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How it’s done:

Students are given differentiated spelling words. They learn the pattern in small group and practice the words daily at school. A list is sent home for kids who may want extra practice at home. Words on the list are examples of the spelling pattern but there are many words that follow that pattern and students can be tested on any of those words. For example:


Pattern: words ending in -ing and -ed

Words on list: clapping, jumped, walking

Possible test words: clapped, standing, talked



Students learn how to spell in a way where they can more easily incorporate words into daily use and writing versus memorizing a weekly list of words that can often be quickly forgotten.



Students are given a 10-word test with words that follow their pattern of the week. Students first have to sort the words by pattern (ex: long a or short a) to show understanding of concept, then spell them correctly. Sorting correctly is 1 point and spelling correctly is 1 point.