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On every other Monday, students are given a list of their spelling words along with a worksheet to help practice at home. They practice for two weeks and will be tested every other Friday. They will have time at school to practice throughout the two weeks, but I recommend that they also practice at home. I have linked an online resource and have attached a list of creative ways to practice at home.

Usually, the spelling lists will have 15-20 words. However, they will not be tested on all 20 of them. I plan on starting the year by testing them on 10 words. Nine of the words will be from the list and one will not be from the list, but will follow the same pattern. For example: if the spelling pattern that your child is practicing for the week is long “a” vowel sounds, nine words will be from the list and one word will be a different word that still follows the long “a” vowel pattern. This ensures that students are learning the spelling patterns and focuses less on simply memorizing the words for the week. A great way to enhance this while practicing is by having students sort and write their words based on the different spelling patterns they are focusing on for the week.

Below is the link for practicing online. They simply click on the link and select the list that their words fall under for the week. They will be able to do several activities and games.