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     Welcome to 2nd Grade Spelling!!

Here is the website to spelling city.  Search for Mrs. Kendrick.  If you use Katie Forberg you will get first grade words.  

This year our plan is to grow daily spellers.  We want our students to learn and understand spelling by understanding the weekly rule.

The spelling list will come home on Friday.  Your child will be taught the spelling rule, and you and your child will have time to practice the list words.  Try adding a mystery word that follows our spelling rule.  

On the following Thursday students will take a test consisting of 8 list words and 4 mystery words.  If they score 11/12 they have shown that they understand the spelling rule and will be finished with the testing process.  IF your child doesn’t score 11/12 we will work more during the day on spelling.  Friday they will take the final test which will include 8 list words and 4 mystery words. (Some of the words may be different from the Thursday test.)