Google Apps

Recently, Google added two new features to Google Docs. First is the ability to merge cells within a table. Second is the option to adjust the colors of an inserted image. Click the video links below to see a quick demonstration of each feature.

  1. [] Merge Table Cells in Google Docs.
  2. [] Adjust Image Colors in Google Docs.

At the April 18th Staff Development Day (SDD) I encouraged everyone to keep moving forward with your "20 Mile March"...

At the January 20th Staff Development Day (SDD) I encouraged everyone to set and complete the following three goals before March 7th:

Google provides technology administrators an "Admin Dashboard" to help manage district user accounts and application settings. The dashboard also includes reports which indicate the trends in application use. In this report, the red line indicates the number of Creators (user accounts) we have district-wide. Since November 2013, we have grown from 3,308 users to 3,688 (11% increase). Why would this number grow so dramatically during this period of the school year? Two reasons...