TIP: Place Rubric on Google Doc Assignment

Our high school Chromebook lease agreement includes a product called Hapara. It allows teachers to monitor student devices in their classrooms; helping students stay on task. In addition, Hapara provides a "Teacher Dashboard" that simplifies the management of sharing Google Docs with 120+ students. I came across a that suggested a "workflow" that teachers can use to streamline the assessment process with Google Docs. The tip is helpful with or without access to Hapara:
  1. Create a Google Doc that will be used as the assignment template ().
  2. Type the assignment directions as the top of the Google Doc.
  3. On the Google Doc menu, click Insert > Page Break.
  4. This will "break" to the second page where you can enter your rubric.
Link the assignment template on your Moodle course page or use the Smart Copy tool on the Hapara Teacher Dashboard. Students now have the directions, rubric criteria, and dedicated space to complete the assignment. When the assignment is completed, the teacher can use the rubric to assess, score, and enter comments.