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Hello 5th grade families!  We have had a busy and wonderful week in room 132.  I couldn't be more sincere in saying that this is a group of truly kind and exceptionally nice kids.  I have been continually impressed with the way they treat one another.  They have a level of enthusiasm and support for each other and our team that is uncommon so early in the year.  Kudos to all of you for doing your part to make our world better by raising genuine and caring kids!  
My priorities this week included getting to know my 5ths, allowing time for them get to know each other, building a sense of community and "team," making sure every single student felt included and a desire to come back.  From my perspective, we are ending the week successfully . . . I hope you and your child feel the same!
While much of this week focused on community, routines, and expectations, we also dabbled in reading and math.  Students had the chance to select a book(s) from our classroom library.  I'm uber-nuts about books and really proud of the classroom library that I am able to provide for my students.  I do expect that every student has "a book" at all times . . . but keep in mind that I use the term "book" loosely.  This could be a manual of some kind, a magazine, a graphic novel / comic book, or any other reading material that appeals to your child.  I encourage authentic reading across genres and will dive into the 40 Book Marathon next week.  (Details to follow!)  In the meantime, please help your child find a comfortable reading spot at home and encourage reading by chapters rather than a set timer . . . in other words, encourage authentic reading for enjoyment.  I check in frequently on my readers and look forward to learning more about this group of readers in the weeks ahead!  Ask your child what s/he is reading right now!
In math, students completed a math review of 4th grade skills in Numbers and Operations.  I haven't yet checked these over, but I will use them to guide our work in math this year.  We also logged into the math game Prodigy, which we will use to practice skills, but also as a "quiz" at times.  Prodigy is great for certain skills because it allows me to see exactly what my students are answering and, if necessary, problem solve with them to fix their errors and struggle-spots.  Students should have their login information in their planners and, assuming you are comfortable with it, they are welcome to use it at home as well.  (The code, just in case anyone missed it or didn't get to it today, is 25CLCF.  Go to: )
This week many students had the chance to make their first fifth grade class presentation.  Students made a Google Slideshow about themselves in order to practice with the Chromebooks and to get comfortable in front of our team.  We have several that will share next week . . . looking forward to it!  Ask your child about his or her presentation!
Please enjoy the pictures below of one of our team building activities . . . Marshmallow Towers!  We employed the engineering process and did this activity twice, attempting to improve on the process and outcome.  So fun!  Also, ask your child about building with cups!
Enjoy your long, Labor Day weekend!