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Amy Pistulka
Middle School
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Language Arts

Welcome to 8th grade!

Emphasis in 8th grade is placed on increasing students’ self-advocacy skills. These skills help students make appropriate choices in coursework and extracurricular activities as they plan for their high school years.


As an 8th grade teacher/advisor, I am in a Language Arts class and an Algebra class. To meet students’ needs in these classes, I plan regularly with the mainstream teacher, monitor assignment completion, as well as provide small group instruction when needed to increase specific skills. In addition, I teach a Language Arts Foundations class, an Algebra Foundations class, and a Learning Strategies class (during STEP). Learning Strategies is a class in which students either attend daily, a few days a week, or on an as-needed basis.

I have Moodle pages set up for both Language Arts Foundations and Algebra Foundations classes. This is a good place to access notes from class and get assignments. In addition, I have a Learning Strategies Moodle page; on this page, students can access study guides, copies of notes, assignment boosters, and standardized testing resources. This page also has links to access online textbooks as well as other websites to get additional practice with academic skills.

Please feel free to contact me via email or phone anytime!