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 This week in reading we reviewed blends at both the beginning and endings of words. 



New sight words next week: many, two, could

These are the sight words we have introduces so far: a, am, I, is, the, see, like, to, go, my, in, can, look, on, it, have, you, at, we, as, no, be, she, he, this, so, and, are, said, do, come, for, had, an , up, but, that, all, were, of, from, her, his, they, him, when, how, not, with, now, has, out, me, here, there, what, was, day, will, get, by, down, into, or, them, your, one, did, these, about, each, if, some, use, words, which, time, other, would, over, then & their.




This week in math we practiced our estimating skills and reviewed graphing as well as answering questions from the graph we made. Next week we will review some skills we have learned so far in math and we will also start to learn about telling time on an analog clock to the nearest hour. 




Specials Next Week:






Dates to Remember

March 25-29 Spring Break 




Classroom Wish-List

 Lysol Spray

Play-doh/playdoh toys

ink pads

Amazon Wishlist -  

 Thank you to those who have donated items to our classroom! We really appreciate it!



I am interested in having some parents come in to help out with either some math centers or some 1 on 1 reading if you are available and would like to help out in our classroom, please email me. 

Math centers would be Tuesday & Wednesday 12:20-12:50ish 

Reading Friday mornings time could be flexible