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Welcome to Blended Learning Day Thursday April 11th!


Painted in the year 1622 over 397 years ago!

Look at this painting and then look out YOUR window, how different are they?

Pieter's painting shows a community coming together to prepare the soil, plant the seeds, and ready the livestock for the summer. We see men and women working on the communal gardens, men at work twining vines to a trellis, and in the distance are groups of people dancing together. 

  1. What clues do you see in the painting that tell you spring is here?
  2. Draw on paper what the season Spring looks like to you...A baseball game, Easter, planting a garden, flying a kite or finally going outside to play!

 If you have done this activity, bring your drawing in for Mrs. Cline to display in the hall!!

Still bored? Click on the link for Art For Kids on You Tube and Rob will show you how to draw a "bunny stack" or even the Easter Bunny! You will just need a piece of paper, a pencil and something to color with.