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May Topics


Monday- Phy. Ed

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Phy. Ed.

Thursday- Music

Friday- Media


This month we are working on words with an er, ur, and ir. This month will be a lot of spiraling back to phonics skills that need a little more time. One skill that I know we could work on a little more is the long u (words with a silent e and ue). There are no more sight words to teach so we will also be reviewing all of those as well!

Week 1: Mo Willem's Books

Week 2: A Sick Day for Amos Mcgee

Week 3: How I Became a Pirate

Week 4: Last week of school!

I was assessing reading levels last month so books will start to go home again this month, up until the last week of school probably. Remember to read and then send back right away. Please do not keep these books more than a couple days as they are shared with our class.


The kindergarten standards have been taught so this month will focus on review and extension!