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This Week

Specialist Rotation 1/22-1/25

Monday- No school

Tuesday- Day 5

Wednesday- Day 1

Thursday- Day 2

Friday- Day 3



Book- Tacky the Penguin- along with nonfiction books about penguins

Sight Words- Review Week!

Phonics skill- Long o sound with a silent e like hope or rose

Writing focus- Putting words in order to make a sentence- They are given mixed up sentences so they have to look for a capital letter and period and then reading to see if the sentence makes sense.


  • 3d shapes
  • Number writing to 50
  • Counting back from 20
  • Counting by 5s
  • Greater than, less than
  • One more, one less with larger numbers (if they have this, we are working on two more and two less)
  • Comparing plus and minus signs

We look at the date, days of the week, and months. We also graph the weather and count our days of school. This is something we will do every day this year! Having conversations about what happens on certain days is helpful: On Thursday we are going..... Your birthday is _______ months away...