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Weekly Announcements!


Welcome NASA Astronauts to the 2018-2019 school year! total-solar-eclipse-nasa-logo-caleclipse.jpg.png?itok=723x5ihO
A Message from Mrs. Ilkka-

A HUGE thank you to the following: (May 20-24 and May 28-30, 2019 Day 1-5 and Day 1-3)

*Thanks to Our NASA Astronaut last week....Eric! 

*A big thanks to Charlie for donating Twins Tickets for our drawing....the winner was: Aubrey!!


A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR MAY BIRTHDAYS:  Cayden (7th),  Catie (13th),  Augustus (29th), and Brody S. (31st). I hope you all have a great day! I also wish all of our summer birthdays a great day as well!

A FINAL FAREWELL: It has been my pleasure and honor to be part of your child's education. I have been blessed with a kind, energetic, hard working, and curious group of students. I wish them (and you!) the best of luck in 6th grade. I encourage my students to keep in touch. I welcome any feedback on how I can make the transition to 6th grade better in the future. Let me know! Have a super summer! Keep reading!!
MISSING BOOKS: HELP! Every year I lose about $100.00 in books....I know I have told you that before but I wanted to remind you. I would really appreciate it if you could help your child look under beds, closets, night stands, on the kitchen counter or island, car.....and any other spot you think your child has read this past school year. I do love to look for books at garage sales and Half Price books in Apple Valley.....but I really like the books that I already have! Thank you much!! Have a great summer reading!
HAVE A GREAT SUMMER: I wish you all a very relaxing summer! It has been a great year and I have to thank you for being super parents! You support has meant the world to me and I thank you for allowing me to team up with you for the success for your child. Please do not let summer slide take away all of the hard work that you child has achieved. Read this site for ideas:  
AUCTION: We will have a final silent auction next week with all of the amazing gifts many of you have donated this year. The students will be able to sign up for the items that they would like to win. They will use their Space Bucks they have been collecting this school year. 
MRS. BISSELL:Mrs. Bissell will be in Mrs. Madigan's classroom while she is recovering from surgery. If you have any concerns you can contact me and I will relay your concern. Mrs. Madigan will return the last week of school. 
END OF THE YEAR FIELD TRIP:We will be heading to our own NP Aquatic Center on May 30! We will be using the gym, playing outside (if it is not raining), playing in the pool, visiting with friends, and eating lunch! We are looking for chaperones. If you are interested let me know! What a great way to celebrate all of the hard work done in fifth grade...and on the last day of school too! A form was sent home to fill out and please return with $2.00 for transportation and rental for the classrooms. Thanks so much!
GRADE CUT OFF: Mrs. Madigan asked the students to have all work turned in to her before her surgery....that was Friday. I am asking my students to have all of their work turned in to me by May 21 (Tuesday). This includes all SQUIRT books as well. Get those slips turned in!!
MR. PRIBYL RETIRING: We will have a gathering next week to wish our amazing principal a very happy retirement....we hope you find the time to relax and just dance Mr. Pribyl (we made a video clip with us dancing for him)!!!
Lunch forms:Another lunch slip will be coming home for the May 30 field trip to the Aquatic Center. Please return it by Tuesday if you would like the school to prepare your lunch and it will come out of your lunch account. 
GARDEN SIGN UP: If you were able to help keep our garden beautiful, please sign up for a week to water over the summer. Here is a sign up if you are able to help out. Thanks so much!!    
GARDEN DAY: We planted our garden for next year. We went with butterfly milkweed. It will produce orange flowers for the butterflies and a place for them to lay their eggs. We will see the next generation of monarchs this fall! Thanks to everyone that helped out. It was an amazing day! A big thanks to Mrs. Deutsch and Mrs. Yarolimek for helping out!
TRACK AND FIELD:We had a super time running and jumping! The day started out chilly but ended up sunny and warm. We have a very talented classroom! Most of all we had a great time with our graduating class of 2026!
SUMMER READING PROGRAM SHEETS:Reading sheets were sent home with students regarding the summer reading program at the public library. I so hope you will take advantage of the library in your town. Your first library card is free. Replacement cards are for a small fee. 
Who: Students entering grades 4-7 in the fall
When: August 5-9 
Where: NP Middle School
Time: Half Day AND Full Day options available!!  8:30-12:00, 12-3:30, OR 8:30-3:30
Register @  
Course Options (choose 2 for half day and 4 for full day):
Sports Smorgasbord
Life in a Cubic Foot
STEAM Challenge
Introductory German
Kitchen Chemistry
Computer Coding
Hooked on Fishing
Exploring Embroidery
Art night/Grandparent's night: On Wednesday, April 10, Raven Stream will have Grandparent's night from 3:45-5:30. Fifth grade already had our fun night when we had Wax Museum night last Thursday....however our art will be available to frame for a fundraiser. Check it out if you are here! UPDATE....WE WILL RESCHEDULE THIS DAY on May 22. 

DO LIFE BIG:Congrats to our March Do Life Big award recipients Ellie B. and Evelyn R. Way to go above and beyond to help others out! We appreciate your kindness! We thank you for being a super role model to your peers too. 



A message about Band/Choir this week:

End of the Year Band/Choir Rehearsal Schedule
Tues., May 21 - Last Rehearsal for Band & Choir
                       All School-owned instruments turned in by Friday.
                                          Brass = stands
SQUIRT: (Super Quiet Uninterrupted Independent Reading Time) second semester. We are currently at 1111 pages.



Reading/Language: We will be doing our last DOL this week. It will be due on Friday. We will continue to practice our fractured fairy tale readers theater. We will perform them on Friday. We will read in our SQUIRT books and respond in our notebook. We will be working on our own fractured fairy tale. We will also be working on an ABC memory book.

Science/Health: The students completed their health lessons. They did a great job of organizing their time and presenting a quality lesson. It is my hope they also have a better understanding of what goes into a lesson! We will have a few days of guest speakers and we will touch on body systems this last week.

Social Studies/Math and Spelling:Your child will have Mrs. Madigan for these classes. Check out her website on this site.


**Dates to Note*:

May 22...Rescheduled Grandparent's night and ART show!

May 27 No school (Memorial Day)

May 30....Field trip to the NP Aquatic Center (Bring a lunch)

May 30 Last day of school for students- (Fifth grade to the NP Aquatic Center) 

May 31 High School graduation (Mrs. Ilkka's last child graduating high school!)

June 16 Father's Day.....Don't forget dad!