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Mark Your Calendars!

We have A LOT of events coming up in the next three weeks! Here is our May calendar and I will also be sending one home for you. Please remember to have your child bring a bag lunch on our Field trip days (Landing-May 16th and Picnic Day- May 24th). They don't need a bag lunch on our field trip to the Aquatic Center. We will be back by 11:30 that day.  I will send out reminders the day before on my Class Dojo!



Garden Helpers!

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We are looking for families to help us out this summer!

If you are able to help with our school garden this summer, please sign up below!


Thank you!!!



Help our school raise some FREE money!


Hi Raven Stream Parents!

 This is a friendly reminder about TWO ways for our school to earn FREE MONEY!!! Yes! You heard me.   FREE DOLLA, make us HOLLA!!

Here are the ways:

  1. BOX TOPS.  You can find these on all General Mills products.  Did you know that our Box Tops #s have gone drastically down in the last 5 years?  Let’s get that number back up again!! Have your kids turn them into Raven Stream’s librarian.   Classes that collect the most have fun rewards coming:). Here’s what they look like:Image result for box top labels
  2. Coborns Rewards.  When you initially signed up for your Rewards number - there was an opportunity to hook the number up to a certain school.   Forgot to do it or didn’t get the chance? No worries! Here’s a number to call and someone will walk you through the process:   1 844 700 6673 Otherwise you can try yourself at www.morerewards.com (you do need your password) Once you login - side the screen left to SCHOOL REWARDS, click and select Raven Stream. REMINDER:  this does NOT take away from other rewards that you would get, it’s just Coborn’s way of going above and beyond and helping the community:).  Also, please tell your kids’ community family members like aunts, uncles, grandparents or even close neighbors to collect these tops for your kids - It’s FREE MONEY that we are losing out on that can be put towards teachers’ supplies, additional programs or library books.  

Thanks everyone!  3 cheers for RAVEN STREAM!!!