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WEEKLY UPDATE: April 15 - 19




April 15 - 18:  Grade 3 Reading MCA tests
April 19 & 22 – NO SCHOOL
April 22 – School Board Meeting @ 6:00 p.m. (DO Board Room)

April 23 - 26:  Grade 3 Math MCA tests
April 25 – Final PAC Meeting @ 6:00 p.m. (Creative Commons)
April 27 – Regional Science Fair in Mankato 

May 1 - ACES in the Sun day 

May 16 - Garden Planting Day

May 22 - Grand Person's Evening & RSE Art Show 3:45-5:30 (rescheduled)



1.   Reminder shorts on the playground will not be allowed until the temperature is at a feels like 50 degrees. 

2.  Reminder that Reading MCAs will take place on Mon. 4/15 - Thurs. 4/18.   Math MCAs will be the following week on Tues. 4/23 - Fri. 4/26.   Please do your best to make sure your child has had a good breakfast each morning and gets a good night's sleep.    3.  Due to the snow day, the April /beginning of May classroom calendar is off by one day.  I am not going to make another one.  To figure out what specials are for the day, just look at what was on the day before.  So to figure out Tuesday's look at what was on Monday.



3.   The schedule for this week is as follows below:  

Monday 4/15- PE 

Sharing:  Greyson

Book Talk:  Evy


Tuesday 4/16- Media  

Sharing:   Weston

Book Talk:  Ryan


Wednesday 4/17 -  ART  

Sharing:  LillyAnna

Book Talk:   Hunter


Thursday 4/18 - PE

Sharing:  Hunter

Book Talk:  Joslyn     


Friday 4/19 - 




Trait of the Month:   Courage

Doing something even when it is difficult   




Focus Standard:  1.  Main Idea & Supporting Details for Non Fiction                                



1.  disaster:  something that causes much damage or loss

2. hardship:  a difficult situation

3.  headquarters:  main office where members of a group meet and decisions are made

4.  reserve:  arrange to have something held to use/get at a later time



SPELLING:   Week 23 word list


GRAMMAR:    Adverbs that Compare                                                



MATH:   MCA Prep

Lessons Being Taught:      

This week we will finish our prepping for math MCAs through a variety of games, packets, stations and more.  Highlights of what is being reviewed are as follows:  perpendicular, parallel, and intersecting lines; angles, symmetry, quadrilateral figures (naming faces, edges, and vertices),  perimeter and area, line plot graphs, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division number stories, comparing fractions, and time to the minute.



Be watching for a Math Home Link to come home most days during the week.  These should be done that night and returned the next day.  If you child brings them back the next day completed, they will receive one point towards their Math grade. 

MATH FAMILY LETTER:  Each time we begin a new Math Unit I will be sending home a pink copy of the Family Letter.  Please keep this for future reference, as the last page will have the answers to that unit's Math Home Links.


Here is the website that has ALL of the Home Links in one place so you are able to print them at home. This is always helpful because sometimes they get lost between school and going home. :)




SCIENCE:   Chapter 15 - Patterns in the Sky 

Lessons Being Taught:   

**What are some patterns that repeat every day? 

**What patterns repeat every year?   

**Why does the Moon's shape change? 

**What are star patterns? 

**Chapter 15 Study Guide (Thurs. 4/17)  **Chapter 15 Test




This week we will work on the cursive lowercase letters "r" and "s".




Other Things to Note... 

Read to the Final Four -  In conjunction with the Men's NCAA Final Four coming to Minnesota in 2019, students will be starting the Read to the Final Four reading initiative for Minnesota 3rd graders. A note about this was sent home on Monday, Nov. 5.   Students have been logged in and will have access at school, home, or anywhere with Wi-Fi on a web-based device.  No matter where your child reads, minutes will be tracked, so please encourage them to read  using the myOn platform.  An additional bonus, is that they will continue to have access to this website until June 30, 2019 once the bracketed competition ends.  There is a link to this website on my Symbaloo page or you can follow the directions on the back of the sheet to bookmark it for yourself. 

BOOK TALKS:  Reminder that these have started.  Student names are on our monthly classroom calendar for who does Book Talk and who does Sharing each day.  Please check over the calendar when it comes home to see when your child is expected to give their Book Talk.  If your child has a Book Talk that month, a Book Talk template will be sent home with the calendar, for them to fill out.      

**Please check my weekly updates each week for updates on what we are doing in the classroom and what you can expect your kids to be doing.  Please let me know if you have ANY questions/concerns when they arise...email works best for me, but you could also send a note or leave me a voicemail too.




Mrs. Harkins


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