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WeVideo overview -


WeVideo admin -


Uploading clips -


Saving your project -


Storyboard Mode (beginner)


Storyboard mode



Timeline Mode (Intermediate +)


Switch to the timeline mode



Trim clips


Timeline mode




Split clips


Trim clips




Adding or erasing clips


Split clips




Rotate, flip and scale clips


Record voiceover



Adding a WeVideo library soundtrack



Adding your own music to a clip



Edit clip audio



Add a theme



Add opening and closing credits to your film




Insert picture in picture (great for infographics)



Inserting text and annotations



Record video with your webcam



Ken Burns effect for photos



Resize timeline (tablets, smartphones)



Add text to your theme


Fade clips in and out




Create a photo story


Edit clip audio




Replace a soundtrack


Adjust audio levels



Switch between editing modes




Ripple editing tips