By using this information scientists have been able to produce a complete map of the sea floor giving us a glimpse of the land beneath our oceans. Studying these extraordinary animals can lend great insights to scientists, indicating how life might persist in space where no oxygen is present. A funny read about what you might find in a hole at the bottom of the sea. This is a great question — thank you so much for asking it. Paul Yancey , a team biologist from Whitman College commented on the discovery, saying. In all of human history, 12 people have reached the moon, while only three have reached the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean: the Challenger Deep. The Trieste's floodlights illuminated a creature that Piccard thought was a flatfish, but is now thought to have been a sea cucumber.
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A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea [With Audio CD]

These remain liquid at low temperatures and keep the membranes loose. Katherine rated it it was ok Jan 13, If he's right, there are no fish at the bottom of the Challenger Deep. The two to make the dive were Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh, veteran submariners ready to tackle the ocean's deepest depths. Read for Kindergarten Story Time 2. This helps explain why it has been so rarely explored—only three people have ever made it to the bottom of the Mariana trench: two scientists aboard the Trieste in , and the film director James Cameron in The Mariana Trench is no dark, lifeless pit; it has plenty of residents.
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Curious Kids: how do creatures living in the deep sea stay alive given the pressure?

So what is at the bottom? Nereus was built by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution WHOI and had completed several ground-breaking missions into the hadal zone, including in reaching the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Some aquatic life forms have even adapted the ability to live beside hydrothermal vents which approach degrees Celcius. The first expedition to take samples from the hadal zone was the trail-blazing HMS Challenger Expedition , working from to Scientists found it by looking through the Deep-Sea Debris Database , a collection of photos and videos taken from 5, dives over the previous 30 years. Occasionally the scavengers are treated to a dead whale, which provides an enormous feast. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies.
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The Mariana Trench has higher levels of overall pollution in certain regions than some of the most polluted rivers in China, according to a study in February This combination of pressure and cold has strange effects on animals' bodies. To measure the very deepest parts of the ocean, scientists use bomb sounding , a technique where TNT is thrown into the trenches and the echo is recorded from a boat, allowing scientists to estimate the depth. Sea lilies look like flowers, hence the name, but are actually animals. Few people have reached such extreme depths. It's named after Hades, the underworld of Greek mythology and its god.
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The very bottom of the sea

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